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Help fund a 6th Seeds Family Worship CD! June 15, 2010

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As any reader of this blog knows, our family are huge fans of Seeds Family Worship.  Their CD’s of Scripture set to music are so well-done that I often listen to them in the car, even without the kids!  The CD’s set the tone for many of our days at home and have helped myself and my kids memorize more of God’s Word.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting a reputation for breaking into song when someone mentions a Scripture reference–sometimes I just can’t help myself!  If you have never ordered a Seeds CD, I recommend that you do so immediately!

Now we all have an opportunity to be part of making a 6th Seeds CD a reality.  The new CD will feature Scripture about the character of Christ–the character we should each be developing as the Holy Spirit makes us more like Christ.  Because the people at Seeds are committed to providing high-quality music, the production cost of this CD is $52,500.  If they raise the funds by July 24, they will produce the CD to be released this fall.  They are offering some fun incentives for those who want to be part of this project.  Check it out by clicking here or on the Seeds widget to the right.


Christmast Gift Idea December 5, 2008

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I recently wrote a post about the new Seeds Music CD, “The Power of Encouragement.”  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Seeds, they are Scripture verses set to music, and they are done very well.  I have their “Faith” and “Praise” CD’s as well, and my kids and I love them!  The music is catchy, and my kids have learned so much Scripture from these CD’s. Listen to some of the music on their website, and you will see that these are not your typical children’s music CD’s.

The new “Encouragement” CD is on sale through December 13!  You get TWO copies–one to keep and one to give away–for just $10 plus shipping.  Just enter the code “GIVESEEDS08” at checkout.  I recommend picking up some of the other CD’s while you’re there.  I’m thinking about buying some to give my kids’ teachers to play in the classroom.

Here’s what you need to check it out:

The Seeds Music website

The Seeds Music store


New Seeds Music CD November 6, 2008

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I’m slowly emerging from the first-trimester fog and hope to be back to blogging soon.  In the meantime, I want to tell everyone about a new cd from Seeds Music–“The Power of Encouragement.”


I was fortunate enough to get this cd a while ago, and my kids LOVE it.  Their favorite songs are “Take Heart” and “Go.”  My favorite is “A Servant to All,” which talks about anyone who wants to be first being last.  One day after we’d been listening to this cd, Christopher decided to give up his turn to choose what video to watch and quoted the verse!  I have to admit, this has only happened once, but it made my day!  This cd is upbeat and the Bible verses are terrific ones for both me and the kids to commit to memory.  I highly recommend it!  We also have the Faith and Praise cds, and they are excellent as well.  Click here to see a previous post I wrote about these great cds.