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To My Faithful Readers (All 6 Of You!) September 12, 2008

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I seem to have fallen off the face of the Blogging Earth.  It makes me feel a little better that I’ve seen several similar posts by others in the blogosphere.  With the start of school and activities, it is such a busy time.  Part of my excuse for a lack of posts is that I am expecting a baby!  (The other part of my excuse, I have to admit, is an addictive little game on Facebook called Word Challenge.)  I am just 6 weeks along, and this little bean is already kicking my butt.  It takes all of my very limited energy to take care of the kiddos, throw food in front of them, find clean clothes and try to minimize the amount of filth we are living in.  So things like blogging, dinners that involve the oven, and mopped floors are becoming a distant memory.

Despite the butt-kicking, we are so excited about this huge (and at the moment, very tiny) blessing God has given our family.  I would appreciate your prayers for a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.  After falling off the disciplined-quiet-time wagon for a couple of weeks, I am happy to have started back to Bible Study Fellowship and can’t wait to see what God has to teach me through the life of Moses.  I hope to be back with you soon, my dear cyberfriends.